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Want to stay away from bald head ? So spray the medicine in the house

Problems with hair fall? Of course, the number of people who do not have this problem is very low. Many hair and hair follicles have become a constant problem. Some people have become bald to read the hair. We do not use much to get rid of this problem. Many …

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Erase the pedicure very easily at home

Whatever you need to do to pedicure – Hot water, – Bath salts or shampoo, – Foot scraps, – Neil Cutter, – Nail file, – Pumice Stone, – Foot moisturizer, – A clean towel, – Cotton balls. Nail care First remove nail nail polish or nail art with nail polish …

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A guide for desk-eaters to avoid acidity

Desk jobs can be quite challenging when it comes to healthy living, especially with ‘sitting’ being touted as the new ‘smoking’. Most people with desk jobs are guilty of sitting for most of their waking hours. This consequently leads to a sedentary lifestyle wherein we succumb to health issues like …

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Japanese beauty secrets you cannot miss!

Known for their flawless porcelain skin, Japanese women are a sight to behold. Every dermatologist’s dream, the Japanese take care of their skin through a meticulous routine perfected over centuries. The routine, traditional beauty remedies and secrets help them achieve the smooth, lit-from-within skin. To be honest, who wouldn’t want …

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How to hide your acne scars using make-up

Acne, the skin problem which refuses to go away even with the help of the best dermatologists, medicines, diet, beauty products and prayers. Our battle with acne is a long one. A battle where even winning results in scars. The truth is that all of us have fought acne at …

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