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Erase the pedicure very easily at home

Whatever you need to do to pedicure

  • – Hot water,
  • – Bath salts or shampoo,
  • – Foot scraps,
  • – Neil Cutter,
  • – Nail file,
  • – Pumice Stone,
  • – Foot moisturizer,
  • – A clean towel,
  • – Cotton balls.
  • Nail care

First remove nail nail polish or nail art with nail polish relay. Then cut nails by cutting the nails with a liking cap. Carefully cut, do not cut too deep. Next, file nails with nail file correctly

Dive the legs

This is the most comfortable phase of pedicure. Dip a few feet in light hot water. Take care that the ankle can be dipped till the ankle. You can add salt, lemon juice, rose petals and shampoo in the water if you want to increase the comfortable feel. This will make the skin of the feet soft and reduce any type of pain. So keep drunk for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the legs in the towel.

Remove the dead cells of the feet

Now make a good two-legged massage with ready-made or domestic scraps. Different types of foot scabs are available in the market. However, if you use domestic scraps, you will get more benefits. The way to make it is to add sugar, honey, lemon juice and almond oil to mix well and apply a very good scuba. If you do not have anything at hand, then rub it with pumice stone. By this, the dead body of the feet will rise very well and the legs will be soft and soft.

Apply moisturizer to the legs

Put a thick moisturizer in the necklace. You can also add almond oil or olive oil. The legs will be soft, soft and flexible. Then you can apply the color of the desired color to the nail polish, nails.
That’s right! It was easy to sit in the room and without hassle pedicure. Take fifteen days later for this very good result, Pedikuir. The legs will always be healthy and beautiful.

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