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A guide for desk-eaters to avoid acidity

Desk jobs can be quite challenging when it comes to healthy living, especially with ‘sitting’ being touted as the new ‘smoking’. Most people with desk jobs are guilty of sitting for most of their waking hours. This consequently leads to a sedentary lifestyle wherein we succumb to health issues like back problems, eye issues and most importantly, acidity. But we can get rid of it by making some small tweaks to our diet. Here are a few key points for those suffering through chronic acidity:

Stay away from coffee or too much chai

STAY AWAY FROM COFFEE OR TOO MUCH CHAI: Drinking too much chai or coffee during office hours is a huge setback and can cause acidity. This is because coffee and chai are high in caffeine, which is a known gastric irritant. Therefore, the foremost tip to remember is to stay away from caffeine as much as possible.

​Don’t skip breakfast

DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST: Office goers who tend to be on desk all day, sometimes skip their breakfast. Not only is this a bad habit, when you eat after a four-hour long gap, it leads to acidity. This is because your stomach releases gastric acid when you keep it empty for a long time and leads to acidity. Therefore, consuming breakfast is a must, especially if you have a sitting job.

​Avoid drinking alcohol a day prior to work

AVOID ALCOHOL: Long weekends and weekend offs usually get to the best of us. Too much alcohol consumption or a drink with high alcohol content can cause acidity. Try and avoid alcohol a night prior to work day. And if that cannot happen, stick to diluted drinks where the alcohol content is less.

​Long breaks between two meals

LONG BREAKS BETWEEN TWO MEALS: Eating one meal at 9 am and the next one at 3 pm can lead to serious acidity issues. Gastric acids and gastric reflux can be a major problem for those who eat food after long breaks. Including small snacks like a handful of nuts, banana or an apple can save you from this and help you work better.

​Consuming fried foods

CONSUMING FRIED FOODS: Fried foods, spicy foods, foods high in masalas tend to increase the acid content in our stomach, subsequently leading to acidity. Consumption of these foods during office hours can cause acidity and even digestion issues. It is better to get food with mild spices and cooked in minimal fats if you wish to avoid acidity and heartburn problems during work.

​Sitting down right after eating food

SITTING DOWN RIGHT AFTER EATING: We tend to sit down right after having lunch and get back to work as soon as possible. This is not a good practice as our food takes time to digest, since the proteins are still in the process of breaking down, and a short walk will only make this process better and faster.

​Do not eat a big meal

DO NOT EAT A BIG MEAL: Office lunches are our favourite and we often tend to over-indulge during such times. Eating big meals are a common cause of heartburn and acidity as the gastric juices excreted get mixed with the chemicals of the excess food we have consumed.

​Do not drink too many carbonated drinks

DO NOT DRINK TOO MANY CARBONATED DRINKS: Carbonated drinks contain carbonated bubbles that increase inside our stomach. This is why we feel so full after consuming them. This is, however, harmful for us as this leads to gastric reflux due to increased pressure in the stomach. Combining a large meal and carbonated drinks is dangerous.

​Correct your posture

CORRECT YOUR POSTURE: The digestion process of our body has a lot to do with our posture. Slouching in your seat right after consuming food or slouching and constantly munching on foods during the day on your seat are two major factors of acidity and heartburn. Sitting upright will not only help in better digestion but will also help solve gastric problems to a great extent.

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