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Husband killed 6-year-old child, ‘Peek in the bath during wife’s bath’

After six years of missing for two days, a six-year-old child has been rescued from Friday’s Oakhla phase 2 in south-west Delhi on September 29.
Police arrested a young man named 19-year-old Rohit on the charge of killing the child. The accused, Rohit, claimed that his 6-year-old boy jumped into the bathroom after bathing in the bathroom, and also made obscene remarks.

The deceased’s father told the police that no one had any hatred towards his son. Why did not the neighboring Rohit kill his son

Police said that the child was no longer being found after playing outside the house on Wednesday. Later on Friday the body of the child was recovered.
The alleged young man claims he has got a new marriage. When his wife baths in the bathroom, the boy peeps into the bathroom and continues to make bad remarks. The young boy called the boy in anger. And beat In the meantime, the head of the boy started to bleed with something strong.

Due to fear, Rohit kept the boy in a bed with a sheet and put it inside the bed drawer. When the smell came out, the people of the area came to the rescue and recovered the body.

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