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Want to stay away from bald head ? So spray the medicine in the house

Problems with hair fall? Of course, the number of people who do not have this problem is very low. Many hair and hair follicles have become a constant problem. Some people have become bald to read the hair. We do not use much to get rid of this problem.

Many people use products or medicines from different companies in hopes of new hair fall. In spite of having no hair, some people use fake hair to preserve the perfect beauty of the head. However, many people do not know it, but it is possible to prevent hair fall in a very easy domestic method.

How do you know?
With guava leaves. This leaflet is very effective in preventing hair fall and germination, says researchers. Researchers claim that guava leaves prevent hair fall due to regular use and help in the normal growth of hair. Guava leaves contain plenty of Vitamin B, which is very beneficial for healthy hair.
Their more demand, guava leaves will certainly prevent head hair falling. It also helps to grow new hair. It is very hard to attach to the hair follicles.

Terms of Use

  • Put some guava leaves in clean water and put them on the water

  • Boil the leaves well for 20 minutes

  • See the mixture of guava leaves is reddish. Let it cool down and keep it cool.

Now pour that cool mixture into a bottle. As time goes on, add hair regularly to the head of the head like a tonic. You can make the mixture more frozen.

You can massage with it before going to sleep at night. After that morning wash it.

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